Foothill and Mountain, Upland

Upland - Foothill @ Mountain - Looking East - Stinky

These two old-time photos were sent to me by reader Joe Mannella. The one above is said to date from 1946. The future Stinky’s is on the left. The view is looking east on Foothill, or Route 66, with Mountain Avenue beyond the building.

An even older view is below. This is said to be from 1934, looking north on Mountain from Foothill.

These are not the best photos — they’re reproduced the size I got them, if you click on the images for a larger view — and yet they give us latecomers a glimpse of how rural Upland once was. It’s hard to reconcile these views with today’s busy intersection with retail stores, restaurants and gas stations and multiple lanes of traffic.

Thanks, Mr. Mannella.

Upland - Foothill @ Mountain - Looking up Mountain - 1934

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  • Ren

    Even as late as the 1960’s and 70′ there was still a lot of open land. We use to go rabbit hunting in the grape vineyards below Chaffy College and next to the Ontario Airport.

    • Richard_Pietrasz

      As far as RC is concerned, in 1983 my job moved to the General Dynamics facility on 4th east of Haven. In my first month, I was delayed traveling north from I-10 to 4th on Haven (in Ontario) by a flock of sheep crossing the road. Years later, when waiting for a meeting to start because the boss was late, I remember watching the hawks hunting for rabbits in the vineyards where the Empire Lakes GC now is. Until the 210 was filled in, not only hawks would hunt the right of way, but there was also a golden eagle; that was in 2000 or so.

  • SAWZ

    Prior to the incorporation of RC, My sister-in-law’s aunt and her family used to live in a big old house way out in the country, in Alta Loma.

    My husbands’ brother and family lived in Glendora–we used to drive there in about 15 minutes on Foothill–orange groves lined the road most of the distance.