Column: He had a Dickens of a reading plan


Friday’s column is about a familiar name on this blog: Doug Evans, a commenter on Reading Log (and other) posts. He recently completed a 15-year quest to read every Charles Dickens novel. He gives us the highlights and lowlights.

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  • DebB

    I wish I could be that disciplined! I used to enjoy reading Dickens, but I got bogged down in “The Old Curiosity Shop”, never finished it, and haven’t yet gotten back to his books. I admire Doug’s persistence!

    • davidallen909

      He’s an admirable fellow!

    • Doug Evans

      Thank you, Deb! 🙂

  • mojavemike

    Loved reading about this! I’m in the middle of doing something similar. My plan, concocted with a friend in 2006, is to read all 38 of Shakespeare’s plays in chronological order. Nine years later I’m only 20 plays in and my friend bailed out long ago. I’ll get there eventually. =)

    • davidallen909

      If you’re going to read one writer in full, Shakespeare’s the man. I should do that.