Mod! Mountain Avenue Car Wash


The latest in my occasional series of midcentury modern architecture posts (see earlier examples here) spotlights Mountain Avenue Car Wash at 820 N. Mountain Ave., Ontario.

I have passed this car wash many times but was never so struck by it as one recent sunny afternoon when I had parked directly across the street. I walked out to the curb to take photos, admiring the turquoise paint and the (it looks like) 14 blades jutting skyward. You see those at a lot of car washes from that era. It’s an attention-getter and may reflect jet-age optimism.

This dandy was built in 1961 as California Car Wash before later lowering its sights to become merely Mountain Avenue Car Wash. Thanks to Ontario’s Planning Department for looking up that detail.

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  • Joanne Dallas

    Love that turquoise. I pass this wash often and it reminds me of my Fifties Youth. Cool

  • John Clifford

    Ooops, it’s been noticed. Now it must be time to tear it down for something new (the disgruntled musings of a disgruntled, curmudgeonly, preservationist.).

    • davidallen909

      Oooh, cynical.

  • SAWZ

    I’ve been getting my car washed there for years, and never paid any attention to the architecture. It used to be completely automated and then changed to hand-wash–I don’t know the reason, but I assumed it was to cut down overhead and insurance costs. I don’t want to see it torn down, because its my car wash.

  • Ryan Hemphill

    What a neat looking car wash, I like the vintage look to it.

  • Flynn Hardey

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