Marvel and Montclair, 1964


A young comics fan from Montclair had a letter published in The Avengers’ issue 11, cover-dated December 1964. Tom Conti and his pals wanted to see Thor and the Hulk really go at it, a request that editor Stan Lee was able to say was coming the very next month in a different comic.

It’s not much of a letter, but you have to smile at Conti’s youthful enthusiasm. This is the second Inland Valley fan who had his name in the early days of Marvel Comics, the earlier one being Upland’s Mark Carey, who’d started a Fantastic Four fan club in 1963.


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  • SAWZ

    Not much of a letter? Are you kidding? I don’t know how old Tom was at the time–but alas, since almost every resident of Montclair, except me and a spare neighbor here and there, has abandoned Montclair for RC, he probably won’t remember this letter exists, and his children will never have the joy of seeing their father’s childhood work. Or maybe his mother kept it–hopefully.

    • davidallen909

      Many of the letters back then were more quotable or erudite than Tom’s, but of course it took initiative to write a letter to a comic book, and it’s great he was published. Marvel was just getting going back then. He was in on the ground floor.