Restaurant of the Week: Angela’s Italian Kitchen


Angela’s Italian Kitchen, 130 E. Bonita Ave. (at San Dimas Ave.), San Dimas

Looking for somewhere to eat in San Dimas, I found Angela’s on Yelp and invited a friend to meet me for lunch. It’s on the main drag, only a block east of another Italian spot, Pozzetto, where he and I ate last year. Angela’s is in the Albertsons center, toward the west end.

It’s so small, your first sight as you walk in is the door to the women’s room. But after that, they’ve managed to make the dining room feel cozy, not small. The dark wainscoting and tan paint help, as do the plethora of decorations, which include many Sinatra posters.

Rather than salad, we each ordered Italian wedding soup as our side (pictured below); full of pasta, spinach and meatballs, it was very good. We each got pastas: pasta carbonara (“good consistency and flavor,” my friend opined; pictured second) and baked mostaccioli (maybe too much cheese, but good; pictured third); each was $16. I took home half of mine and got a second meal out of it.

Did we like Angela’s or Pozzetto better? Based on one meal at each, it’s Pozzetto by a nose, and note too that Pozzetto is larger and has a wine bar. But there’s nothing wrong with Angela’s.





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  • Joanne Dallas

    Oh, good. Another reason to visit San Dimas.

  • Mike from La Verne

    Angela’s Chicken Parmesan is probably the best I’ve ever had. Easily two meals (served with a side of Spaghetti). They have (IMO) the best pizza as well. I prefer the “cheesy” type of pizza and the sausage is my favorite. The sauce also has good flavor to it. The rest of my family prefers Warehouse Pizza, which is very good, but I like Angela’s more. If you can, skip the salads… Simple iceberg lettuce and tastes “blah”. Pozzetto’s is good but I prefer Angela’s.

    • davidallen909

      Mike, thanks for the informed view of both places.

  • Bob Terry

    What’s the first reason to visit San Dimas? Just kidding. As I have mentioned before…$16.00 for lunch? You are living large, Scoop. Even if you do get 2 meals out of it, but some others may not. Maybe it’s the L.A. County influence that makes lunch prices a little steep.

    • davidallen909

      I wrote “lunch,” and it WAS my second meal of the day, but for the record, we ate at 4 p.m., so it wasn’t lunch pricing.

  • Jeannette

    Is that Penne for the Carbonara? Oh goodness gracious. Authentic Italian cooking understands the proper pairing of pasta type to sauce. It is not right to put a rich creamy sauce on a noodle that will hold a lot of sauce in it. Carbonara should be on a noodle it would coat like linguine where the ratio of noodle to rich sauce is balanced.

    • davidallen909

      Nice to get the take of an Italian who cooks. I would not have thought of that.