New Starbucks opens in Pomona


A skinny little Starbucks opened last week on Garey Avenue and Alvarado Street in Pomona, only blocks from the 10 Freeway and on the western edge of the historic Lincoln Park neighborhood.

It’s not exactly what residents there would have liked, as the coffee house is oriented toward motorists, not pedestrians looking for a place to hang out. There’s no inside seating. There is a walk-up window, like you’re at a Dairy Queen, but the only outdoor seating is a couple of tables with umbrellas by the drive-thru lane, so, not really cozy. (Starbucks got in its application to build before a ban on drive-thrus on this portion of Garey went into effect.)

On the bright side, Starbucks replaces a gas station that had been closed and derelict for years. Its presence may add momentum to efforts to oust the methadone clinic that operates quietly in the building to the north, or to generate interest in redeveloping the long-vacant Firehouse Inn building on the south side of Alvarado. And if the traffic introduces more people to Donahoo’s, that won’t be bad either. (If Donahoo’s were encouraged to fix both its signs — one of which is missing two letters, the other of which has two letters in a different color than the rest — that would also be progress.)


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  • Ren

    Hey Dave, have you had the Mayor Moochie Coffee yet?. That’s when you order a cup of coffee. Then run like hell, without paying for it.

  • DebB

    I’m not so sure you’d want the pedestrians in that part of town coming in to sit awhile! Hmm…that’s a little cynical, isn’t it?

    • davidallen909

      Methadone clinic-type pedestrians, no. Lincoln Park neighbors, yes.

  • John Clifford

    Thanks DebB. I only live about 3 blocks away and it’s a fairly short walk. Travel east of the new Starbucks and your in the National Register Lincoln Park Historic District, the, I believe, second largest historic district in the state (country?), the largest is in the city of Orange. There are a lot of us here who also happen to drink coffee. 🙂

    • DebB

      Oops, sorry – I wasn’t really thinking about the people who live around there, I was thinking more about the people who might stroll up from Holt Ave at night. As I said, I’ve gotten a little cynical in my old age!

  • Bob Terry

    That part of town! Now that is music to my ears as a refugee from South Pomona. Crossing the railroad tracks heading north in the 60’s was like a different world to us where there were beautiful restaurants…car washes…and really neat stuff. But Lincoln Park was always magical back then and still is today.

    • John Clifford

      Thanks Bob, we do love it here.

  • PmnaTown

    A welcome site in our neighborhood.