Column: Lakers fan supreme abandons Ontario, not team


A home in Ontario has long been decked out in Los Angeles Lakers style, inside and out: banners, flags, mobiles, murals, messages in the grass and on the roof, etc. Just when I finally catch up with the homeowner, he’s moving. But that added a news element to Friday’s column.

Above is Martin Espinoza in some team gear outside his garage-door mural; below are views of his home and garage; at bottom, Espinoza points to a key motto on his purple and gold vehicle.




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  • stoyankostya

    David Allen is a lazy, unprofessional ‘journalist’ who defames hardworking, single mothers.

  • stoyankostya

    In the actual article PUBLISHED for a local newspaper, David writes this man is forced to move out of his laker ‘home’ because she made his life difficult, while also citing she left with their two sons. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and shows his fact checking- perhaps better put, his common sense- is non existent. This man, David Allen, should be embarrassed and reprimanded. If you respect women, support this comment.

    • davidallen909

      I didn’t say she left with their two sons. I understand that my article has enraged some family members, and I’m sorry for that. Writing that an (unnamed) ex-wife is making his life difficult, and attributing the comment to him, isn’t stating it as fact. This isn’t an article about family dynamics and single mothers. It’s an article about a guy with a crazy lawn and house. Most readers probably took the column for what it was, and if a husband is that obsessed, and his wife left, I don’t think many readers would blame the wife.

      • stoyankostya

        if the article was about a ‘guy with a crazy lawn and house’ then why include the irrelevant tidbit? and to think you’re readers are smart enough to put 2 and 2 together, when you clearly weren’t, is a bit ambitious. I cannot wait until this is seen all the way through

        • SAWZ

          Oh, goodness! It was a side comment made during conversation about the fact that he is going to be moving. There is nothing else to see through as far as this column is concerned. Many of us get crazy to the extreme about our sports teams–better a neurotic sports fan than a gang-banger.

  • Pallas Athena

    The family member who posted here needs to blame whomever he or she is really mad at. Blaming your frustrations on David Allen is unfair and ridiculous. If the person did not like the story, he or she shouldn’t have ranted and raved about it on a public forum, which certainly shines the spotlight directly on you. The article was well-written, and nobody was bashed or treated unfairly–except David Allen, by an irate, irrational reader.