Column: Drought could mow down Ontario’s Euclid Avenue median


Wednesday’s column explores the history, maintenance and status of Euclid Avenue, whose grassy median, at least in Ontario, may run afoul of the governor’s April 1 order that cities stop watering ornamental turf median strips.

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  • Bob House

    Whither/wither — nice one! And it would be a shame to see this landmark suffer.

    • davidallen909

      Circa 1999, then-Bulletin reporter David Seaton and I used to joke about that sort of writing or those sorts of headlines: “Whither Ontario?” In this case, “whither Euclid?” came to mind — quickly followed by the pun. In other words, this joke was 16 years in the making. Thank you for appreciating it.

  • Theodore Melendez

    I liked the companion story on the front page the other day. Only 25%!!!! I wonder how much water the other cities in California are using/wasting. I would put in one vote for selling those stupid tree trimmer wood chippers that are always on pipeline and Shaffer street. Maybe that would help makeup the budget shortfall or overspends? Hope that made sense

    • davidallen909

      Not to me, but thanks for weighing in!