Column: It’s Mothers of Invention Day for Zappa fans



Sunday’s column marks a footnote in music history: the day Frank Zappa’s band adopted the name the Mothers, later to become the Mothers of Invention, before a gig in Pomona. That occurred May 9, 1965 — 50 years ago.

Above, the former Broadside Club, top, seen in 2000 by Zappa fan Peter Mackay, and a current view by yours truly; below, the Sportsman Tavern, again by Mackay in 2000 and yours truly today. Their significance is explained in the column. Neither bar was open in 2000, having closed decades before, but at least the buildings look closer to their original form then.

Incidentally, the Frank Zappa Chronology (disclamatory motto: “Information is Not Knowledge”) was invaluable in fixing dates and locations.



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  • Ren

    There was always a line to get in the place, it was the place to go back then. Just like what the Glass House is today, place use to rock. Of course I was just a kid back then. We use to ride our bikes, to see what’s up. Also it was still cruising night on Holt Ave. back then, and we would ride from Mel’s Hamburgers that use to be on the corner of, Palomares and Holt Ave. over to the club. Every time I go by there, It reminds me of the place. Also we would stop at Taco Lita, which use to be across the street, for a few tacos.

    • davidallen909

      Thanks for the personal perspective, Ren.

  • SAWZ

    Zappa’s parents, and any sibllings still at home, lived in Montclair on Palo Verde St. in the mid-sixties.

    • davidallen909

      That’s true. They were a footloose family.