“Special assignment”


My assignment isn’t quite as special as the firefighter’s, and definitely not as dangerous. To explain this note in today’s print edition, my column for Wednesday was very different, and on a sensitive but newsworthy subject, one potentially of interest to our sister papers around LA. So we decided to hold it to run Sunday, where it will have more impact anyway, and make sure we’re presenting it right.

That’s a good call, even if it meant forgoing a column for Wednesday.

Now, I’ve got to get to work on Friday’s column, as well as tomorrow’s Restaurant of the Week blog post.

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  • Bob House

    Sounds like kind of a big deal for our favorite columnist/blogger/author. Hopefully, someone got to run into the plant and yell, “Stop the presses!”

    • davidallen909

      Alas, no. (Also, there are no presses here to stop.)

  • Joanne Dallas

    I’m glad to know you are serious about your writing.

  • John Clifford

    And here I thought that it was probably a cloak & dagger situation with the intrepid reporter ferreting out crime and corruption in the fetid underbelly of the Inland Valley.

    • davidallen909

      And with this heat, the Inland Valley’s underbelly is more fetid than ever.

  • John Clifford

    Very good column. Rick is also my mechanic so it really hit home. I wish the entire family the best !moving forward.