Column: Book about Ray Bradbury has fantastic flub about Pomona


Friday’s column starts with an item about a new book collecting writer Ray Bradbury’s late interviews, which includes a talk he gave in Pomona — but mangles the name of the venue, Western University of Health Sciences. Tsk, tsk. I’ve also got some Valley Vignettes and two examples of the 909 in the news.

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  • Charles Young

    Well, gosh and gollies, Buffalo Bob. If you’re gonna complain about other folks’ getting the name wrong, you oughta get what they teach right. It’s not just a College of Osteopathic Medicine. They’ve also got a College of Allied Health Professions, a College of Graduate Nursing, a College of Pharmacy, a College of Veterinary Medicine, and maybe other stuff, too.


    [I tried posting this as a comment to the column Web site, but it was quickly deleted. Delete this one, too, if you wish. But you really ought to make the correction.]

    • davidallen909

      I didn’t delete it and never saw it. But I just went to the column and your comment is there.

      As for your point, why the condescension? I’m sorry if you’re offended that my shorthand description doesn’t encompass everything they do, but isn’t it more irksome that the author couldn’t get the name right — even though he moderated the event in person and the school sent him the DVD so he could make a transcript?

      Sunday’s column, by the way, will be a sendoff for Western U founder Philip Pumerantz, and obviously that will offer a broader look at what the school does.

      • Charles Young