San Dimas center now fresher, easier


Sometimes I’ll shop at the Fresh and Easy in San Dimas, which is at Bonita Avenue and San Dimas Canyon Road. I used to go to one in Upland, but after the chain’s drastic cutback, the next-nearest F&E is in Fontana. The San Dimas store is in a newish center, built circa 2008, around the time of the recession, and has been otherwise unoccupied.

But no more. On my last visit, suddenly there were tenants: Butter Cafe and Bakery, My Nail Spa and 3rd Street Pizza, all visible above, left to right. One or two storefronts are still unoccupied, but this was a vast improvement. I go to the center about once a month and don’t believe any of these were there my previous visit. (Based on its website, Butter is worth a look.)

A Fresh and Easy manager, who had been transferred from the closed Day Creek store in Rancho Cucamonga, told me that unlike many locations that were leased, the grocery chain owns the whole center. “We’re not going anywhere,” he said.

Good to hear.

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  • Joanne Dallas

    Thanks for sharing. Is this the center where the movie house used to be?

  • Eric S.

    Joanne: Yes, this is the corner where the Canyon Theater once stood, however it was further back on the property which is now occupied by 3-story residential buildings.

    David: Butter is worth a trip. I went two weeks ago for lunch and was very happy with what I got. The interior is a little stark, but the food is great.