Column: No chance to be board, er, bored in Ontario

Sunday’s column recounts a few highlights from Tuesday’s Ontario council meeting, the primary one being a request by a skateboarder for a skate park. I also share a little news about this newspaper. After that comes two cultural items, a plug for this blog and notice of the impending opening of the Route 66 museum in the old Richfield service station.

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  • SAWZ

    Ontario is so vast in land mass where could a skate park be built that would be convenient for all Ontario’s kids with skate boards? There is an indoor skate park at the Mills unless it has been removed in the past few years–I was present when my grandsons used it. So if it is still there, one cannot say that Ontario does not have a skate park like everyone else.

    I am not a resident of Ontario–I live in Montclair which is bordered by five cities; I shop and visit all of those cities and feel like anything happening there is in my interest or not.

    The testimony of the youth, according to your column, is that he was told not to skate where he was skating, which was probably because it was a place he should not be skating. He can go to any one of the skate parks in any one of the neighboring cities and I bet he would not be told to leave unless he was not obeying the rules. If Ontario builds a skate park it could be further for him to get to than any of those available now.

    Montclair used to have a motorcyle park when dirt biking was all the rage. The trails were in the flood control basin. The bike park rage passed. The basin was eventually developed into the attractive park and demonstration garden administered by the Chino Basin Water District.

    Montclair went through the same thing on a skate park–kids went to the City Manager and next thing you know, an attractive area with a train caboose was abolished and the big hole that is now the Montclair Skate park went in. It has been extremely successful. But, I don’t doubt that in the future, the fad will die just like with the dirt bike fad, and these cities will be wondering what to do next with all the unused skate parks.

    • davidallen909

      I’d never heard that about a Montclair dirt bike park. Interesting! The young man lives near downtown Ontario and thus getting to Chino or Montclair isn’t convenient — but you’re right, of course, that a skate park wouldn’t necessarily be convenient for all. The one at the Mills was closed five or more years ago and the space turned into a traditional store.

      • SAWZ

        Well I am out of date on the Mills–my grandsons have grown up too!

        More on the Montclair bike park: it was an official activity of the recreation department–it was staffed by a worker at the entrance who made sure everyone using it had the proper equipment, cycle and helmut. There was also a special event sponsored by a dirt bike club. Era was the 70’s.

    • Surf Puppy

      I am not a resident of Ontario–I live in Montclair which is bordered by five cities…

      Wow, that’s a shocker, I always pegged you as a resident of Tijuana.

      • SAWZ

        I am dismayed that DA has allowed you to comment on his dignified blog. You do nothing but troll the blogs and lob off a personal insult at the one (always me) who is your target wherever I am on any comment section You are a disgrace to humanity!.

        • Surf Puppy

          That was a joke, J-O-K-E, you inconsiderate boob…I have never seen such a grumpy old lady, I bet you cannot even smile anymore. It might crack your face….