Wall of ideas


We’re cleaning out, packing up and moving our office, as noted in Sunday’s column. I’ve got two adjoining cubicles to deal with in the coming days. Among the items: these two whiteboards, on which I would note column ideas.

Most of the potential ideas above were scribbled down 5 or 10 years ago, and only a very few were ever written and erased, or semi-erased. The board below is newer and its ideas are more like a year old. Clearly a whiteboard is not the best place to write ideas if they’re going to remain there semi-permanently. What can I say, I do cover news, and stray ideas tend to fall by the wayside.

For a clean slate (literally) for the new office, I erased both boards. But by posting these photos, at least the ideas are here if I need them. That is, if I can read them, and then remember what they mean.


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  • Allan

    If I read the name correctly, I do miss the #2 person on your top whiteboard people list. Haven’t heard from/of her in a while.

    On a lighter note, dry erase boards are lots of fun.

    • http://www.nope.com Eric S.

      I miss Betty as well. I also do not know where she is or if anything happened to her. It has probably been over a year now…

    • davidallen909

      Definitely the No. 3 person died recently (sigh).

      • Sheree Grasso Vath

        Mary Grasso, was my Mother. She passed away in July. She would have had a lot of stories to tell you as she was born in Upland in 1930. She was second generation Upland Native. My Grandmother was born in Upland in 1895. My Grandmother’s maiden name was Allen. My Great Grandfather, Walt Allen came to Upland in 1887 and was very involved in the early history of Upland. Maybe we are somehow related, David.

  • Joanne Dallas

    Moving is the only way to get to the bottom of glacial stacks of vitally forgotten information. You may have found that memos left on a white board over time become faintly indelible.

    • davidallen909

      I’m finding a lot of vitally forgotten information, some of which may prove useful, and some of which I hope to forget again.

  • Anonymous

    RC rat? That’s a story I’d like to see. We found a dead RC rat in our attic last weekend…

    • davidallen909

      “RC rat” may still be written, but it’s not about what you’d think.

  • Bob House

    Write about Claremonter “David Lee, “Fraiser.”” Mention he grew up one block over from me, just south of Oakmont

    • davidallen909

      That’s one vote! Perhaps an opportunity or excuse will arise…