Notes on a move


Having cleared off much of my main desk on Friday, on Monday afternoon (after writing much of Wednesday’s column, because deadlines never stop) I tackled my second cubicle, on which I keep various tchotchkes: commemorative items from local events, strange gifts and the like. See above.

Newsroom types call it Dave’s Museum and suggest I put up velvet ropes and charge admission. They also suggest I organize it, which I never made time to do.

And now I have to pack it or toss it. I’m doing a little of each. I tossed two military Meals Ready to Eat that someone gave me. I tossed a Debbie Acker real estate ad that described her as “a name you know and trust.” I tossed a couple of Mike Antonovich’s famous Christmas cards.

And, with some heartburn, I tossed all my Daily Bulletin reporter notebooks, the ones I take on assignment and use at my desk, going back to around 2002. All along we’ve been officially discouraged from saving notebooks, but I kept mine, and a couple of times they came in handy, including earlier this year, when I found my interview notes with Archie Wilson from years ago. (Shockingly, I found them within about one minute.)

By and large, though, the notebooks just take up space. Unless I have a change of heart and rescue them from the trash bin, they’re gone too.

But most of the tchotchkes will be moved. Including the ampersand. And the Festivus pole.


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  • Bob Terry

    I am so honored, and relieved, that the Festivus pole that I painstakingly created from my own, half-breed hands, made the cut and the transition to the 91730. I cherish our “part-time” friendship…but most of all I love the fact that we “get” each other. Giddyup!

    • davidallen909

      Luckily at the new location I won’t have a new area code that might dissuade locals from calling me. Elaine had problems with that.

  • John Clifford

    As a history buff, I’d hate to see the notebooks end up in the trash. Today’s trash can sometimes turn out to be tomorrows important history. Perhaps a donation to a historical group or library? Now if I only knew one that might be willing to take them . . .

    • davidallen909

      They’re already history, I’m afraid. I think the completed stories and columns are of much more historical interest than the work product (it’s not like these are Hemingway rough drafts, just scrawled notes of interviews) and due to occasional sensitive information, source phone numbers/addresses, etc., in my opinion it would be disrespectful to those I’ve interviewed to have those notes in the hands of strangers. Besides, deciphering my hasty handwriting would likely not be worth anyone’s time.

  • Bob Terry

    Unless you’re a Bernie Sanders supporter and you order Chinese food and Ping realizes “who” and “what” you are. On your blog, you had a dry erase board with Billy’s Egg Farm on it. Is that Billy Mouws place you’re referring to? He’s a great guy, and a scratch golfer at El Prado Men’s Club.

    • davidallen909

      Maybe? Somebody emailed me five or six years ago suggesting the place and I dutifully wrote it on my whiteboard, but honestly I don’t know anything about it, other than it’s in either Chino or Chino Hills. I probably still have the original (short) email but I’ve never googled the name or anything.