Your two cents: ‘Going down the tubes’

In Sunday’s column on the latest from the Chino Valley Unified School District, I wrote this about board member Andrew Cruz:

“To refresh your memory, Cruz had gone off on a monologue in July in which he gave his opinions on vaccinations, race relations, adoptions, gay marriage and black families and espoused an anti-government conspiracy about chemical trails in the sky.

“Was he speaking as a school board member or auditioning as a Fox News commentator?”

Perhaps predictably, someone objected. Here’s an email in full from an anonymous reader, female I think because of the email address. The all-caps signoff is hers.

“I cannot be the only one who is offended by your comment about Fox News and Cruz auditioning as a Fox news commentator because of his opinions which are deemed offensive. Fox is the top rated news channel –apparently a lot of people like it as somewhat of an alternative to the mainstream media which are democratic news organizations. They are not off the wall as you seem to suggest. Now I know why many people have stopped subscribing to the Inland Bulletin – their editorials now are in line with and copy the NY Times. Look for more layoffs. Some parts of the Inland Empire are becoming more demo because of huge illegal immigration but the new immigrants cannot afford your paper, therefore, you may be going down the tubes bit by bit. It will become digital at a reduced rate and your column will become a little sidebar with shots at Fox news. Keep up the good work. A RIGHT WING CRAZY PERSON.”

Whew! That’s a lot of ire and gloomy predictions over an offhand joke, but that’s how it goes sometimes. My comment wasn’t aimed at Fox News but was made as a way of pointing out how out of context Cruz’s hot-button commentary seemed for a school board meeting. Was there a better comparison than Fox? I don’t see anything wrong with it, and of course as a columnist I’m entitled to my point of view, but I wonder if others saw this as offensive or needlessly provocative.

Anyway, I love how the writer can’t bring herself to capitalize the name of the Democratic Party, as well as her claimed familiarity with the nuances of the New York Times editorial page. And who would have guessed that my little joke would, at a future date, lead to layoffs at my newspaper? Ulp.

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  • Joanne Dallas

    Now that your paper is aligned with the NY Times a Pulitzer may be on its way. Actually, many find your coverage of the Chino Valley USA to be fair and balanced just as Fox proclaims itself to be. I look forward to more of your reports about Chino.

  • StupidHappyIdiot

    Just making sure we’re not confusing me, StupidHappyIdiot, with the person who wrote in, which I’m assuming is a StupidANGRYIdiot. I do sympathize, however, since I, too, enjoy Fox News as a pleasant alternative to mainstream reality. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not because Cruz’s opinions were deemed offensive, which they arguably were, but because they were formed out of a wilful ignorance of facts so astonishingly mythical it could only have been spawned from the the depths of Fox News.

    Translated into Foxese: Sharia sharia Benghazi, Takers Birther Planned Parenthood, Tea Party NRA anti-vaxxer Benghazi Benghazi Jesus Amen.

    I think we’re good here.

  • SAWZ

    The letter writer has a thin skin like all conservatives. They can’t stand the fact that politics are supposed to be about two parties bringing their ideas to the table and banging out solutions for the good of all. They don’t want to work together–they want it their way or no way–that’s why they have spent eight years insulting the first family of the U.S.–because their candidates did not win. A University in New Jersey did a study in 2012 about people who watch the news. The study concluded that people who watch Fox News solely are less informed regarding current events than those who don’t watch the news at all. What would one expect from a network owned by Rupert Murdoch?

    As for the School Board member, Mr. Cruz. He should should not have tea with Mr. Avila–at any time.

  • Pallas Athena

    You handled the story with wit, honesty and intelligence. The rude insults hurled by “Right Wing Crazy Person” are evidence of racism, hate, a mind that has been nailed shut, and enough negative energy to bore a hole through a concrete wall. Crazy proves that FOX is as biased as you imply, since she defends it as the only “news” source she will watch. Any person who defends the Chino School Board’s “Christian Revival” Meeting is blind to the fact that their attempt to bring the lambs to Jesus during a public meeting is an embarrassment to every person living in the District.

  • Mt2day

    I don’t always agree with Mr. Allen, but I admire his willingness to point out some of the ridiculous local politicians. People have become so wrapped up in labels, that they can no longer admit when something isn’t right. And Mr. Cruz was clearly wrong and should not be on the school board.