Column: St. Louis’ Gateway Arch was ahead of the curve


For Wednesday I’m writing my column on the 50th anniversary of a national monument, St. Louis’ Gateway Arch, with which I’m fairly familiar. Here are a few extra photos.

Above, the Arch is framed in an entranceway to the Old Courthouse. (I was exiting on my June visit, saw someone taking a photo and quickly took one myself.)

Below, a view from under the Arch, which is 630 feet high and the same span wide.


And, below, a family snapshot from 1968 of your young columnist on his first visit. My legs, like the Arch’s, are bare.

Have you ever been to the Arch? If so, leave a comment and tell us about it.


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  • Ramona

    Been there? Not exactly. We saw the arch during a layover at an airport in St. Louis 26 years ago. Does that count?

    • davidallen909

      Well, you saw it, so that’s something.

  • Barbara Sorrells

    My family was from Ohio. We would go there on vacations. I would always see the Arch when we were crossing the River. I was fascinated with it. My daughter moved to Illinois several years ago. We went to visit her. she took us to the Arch. it was sooo awesome to see in person. I really enjoyed the museum too.

    • davidallen909

      Nice to hear that you not only thought it would be awesome, but that when you visited, it really was awesome!