Separated at birth from Stan Lee?


After a luncheon talk in Pomona last week, I was approached by an older gent with a mustache who came prepared for our encounter with a certain Wikipedia page loaded on his phone. He showed me Stan Lee’s photo and smiled a crooked smile with crinkly eyes.

Steve King of La Verne did indeed resemble Stan Lee of the Marvel Universe, only with more hair and a slightly more youthful look. King is 75 and Lee is 92.

Until a couple of years ago, King didn’t know who Lee was, having missed all the Marvel movies.

“I would go hiking and people would say, ‘Are you Stan Lee?’ I thought, ‘Who? Stanley?'”

King soon figured out who they were talking about — Lee was the man who teamed with artists in the ’60s to create Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Avengers and more — and had to admit, “I do look a lot like him.” He┬ástill hasn’t seen a Marvel movie, though.

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