Column: Gun-protest Nativity canceled in Claremont

Remember the controversial Nativity scenes at a Claremont church in recent years, the subject of columns here the past two years? This year’s didn’t happen, a fate that became the subject of my Wednesday column — with a rendering of the startling scene the artist proposed. I can see the pastor’s point as well as the artist’s. Where do your sympathies lie?

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  • DebB

    I drove by the church the other day, noticed they had no display this year and wondered why. I can see the artist’s vision, but also understand how a casual viewer could misinterpret it.

    (BTW, I’m on vacation in San Jose, which is why I can finally read your blog and post!)

    • davidallen909

      Yay for a comment from DebB! We’ll try to get the blog problem (which seems to be affecting only Verizon customers) fixed in 2016, having failed to do so in 2015…