Remembering the Rams of 1977


A woman named Davida Lawson of Fontana brought a keepsake into our office to show me: an autograph book in which she had signatures of 13 players or staffers with the 1977 Los Angeles Rams. Among them: Joe Namath (above) and Pat Haden (below). She also got Rusty Jackson, Rod Perry, John Williams, Willie Miller and more.

She and her fiance were living in Fullerton as he studied and worked in the cafeteria at Cal State Fullerton, where the Rams had their training camp that year. Players and staffers ate in the cafeteria and signatures were obtained.

“Pat Haden was so good-looking back then,” Lawson said. And she was charmed by Namath, who was in his first season with the Rams, at the tail-end of his career; by the season’s fourth game, he was done.

The Rams are headed back to L.A. — as you may have heard.


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  • Richard_Pietrasz

    I had forgotten Willie Joe finished up with the Rams. At least he is wearing a Jets uniform on the player card.

    His career stats are unimpressive, but he had a great career, and those of us who grew up in AFL only towns remember him fondly for delivering a surprise victory, and not by a small margin, against the NFL Colts in the Super Bowl. My team stunk for decades, but they have been real good in the last 15 years (I grew up in Massachusetts).