Restaurant of the Week: Souvlla Greek Grill



Souvlla Greek Grill, 1945 N. Campus Ave. (at 19th), Upland; open daily

In mid-February, finding myself near the Colonies Crossroads Center and very hungry, I went looking for food. I pulled into the western half of the center with the intention of going to zPizza, and that’s when I saw Souvlla. I’d heard about it back when it opened, in 2014, and then, as sometimes happens, forgot the whole thing. Rather than go to the familiar pizza place, this was definitely worth a try.

It was past 8:30 p.m., which is about the time the Inland Valley goes to sleep, but Souvlla would be open until 9, so I went in.

The menu has gyro sandwiches, salads, plates and a list of sides, rice bowls and burritos (!). It’s not traditional Greek, clearly. I got a gyros plate ($11) with lamb, rice and a salad. As a fan of Greek food, I thought this was decent, comparable to Cafe Moderno in Montclair or Saca’s in Claremont. That said, I was nonplussed to see the option of a pork gyro instead of lamb and am not sure what to make of it.

A few minutes before 9 p.m., the music was shut off, a sign that we shouldn’t get too comfortable. It was me at one table and three people, who’d arrived after me, at another. We left at the same time about 10 minutes later. But I understood: The Inland Valley needs its beauty sleep.

Update: Before this post could be published, the restaurant closed.


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  • Joanne Dallas

    Darn. We recently found this place. Take out was our option because the seating was a bit Spartan. We noticed a change of menu last time and there were some new chairs and decorations. That was two weeks ago. Sigh. I find the whole center confusing and disjointed so finding a way to get to this restaurant and park was welcome. Back to San Biagio’s …the one in Upland which we can find.

    • davidallen909

      Spartan — well, that’s appropriate, right? I’m not a fan of the center either due to its auto orientation. Parking near the restaurants to the NW (like Souvlla) could be tricky, and the layout doesn’t encourage anyone to walk from shop to shop. Parking over at San Biagio’s is much simpler.

      • Joanne Dallas

        It’s a daunting lot. I’ve never forgiven the planners (is that lawsuit settled?) for chopping up 19th Street into a swastika shape. No politics intended.

        • Richard_Pietrasz

          Somehow, I’ll never forgive the planners, and their cohort crooks in county government, for soaking the county taxpayers for an average of 60$ (each person, not each household). I have a difficult time believing this was not a planned scam from the beginning, as it began with the planners failing to complete their plans through the approval process, and then claiming loss of profits because the inadequate planning documents were not immediately approved.

  • John Clifford

    Gee, just noticed it’s closed but it’s open daily. I’ll make reference too this phenomenon in my reading log entry.

    • davidallen909

      I could change that to “closed daily.”