Column: Avila insults mayor, curses at meeting

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been to an Ontario City Council meeting, and far longer since I’ve been to one as startling as Tuesday’s. The story is in my Friday column.

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  • Eric

    Upland has its own version of Avila in the form of Gino Filippi. Both men are seemingly unstable and shouldn’t hold public office, in my opinion.

    • davidallen909

      Each to his own, but I don’t see the comparison.

    • SAWZ

      Wow! I doubt that. I have not read anything in the papers about GF cursing his fellow councilpersons in Upland as Avila does in Ontario; and Avila was always slinging gay slurs at a fellow school board member. GF is a respected businessman in the community and writes a respectable column in the Foothill News.