Column: Her job: Being there for Peter Sellers

Susan Wood worked for Peter Sellers when she was Sue Evans and living in London, hired as his personal assistant and spending a decade minding his affairs. She tells me about it for my Sunday column.

(Secrets behind the columns: I wrote this prior to vacation but held it to help the editors fill up the paper since there’s a minimal staff for the long weekend.)

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  • Don Anderson

    I enjoyed reading this column, David Allen. I felt it was informative, nicely written, and discreet.

    This is the sort of writing I appreciate that you so often give to your readers.

    • davidallen909

      Nice of you to say, Don.

  • John Clifford

    Welcome back. A good return column on one of my favorites.

    • davidallen909

      Thank you!

  • SAWZ

    I saw “Being There” about 30 years ago when the Cinema I and II existed in Montclair. Now I will have to refresh my memory about it.
    You never know who you know who had something to do with a celebrity in the past.

    (Years ago, we learned that my husband’s coworker in construction was the father-in-law of Johnny Paycheck. The day of Natalie Cole’s funeral services in L.A. I met a Montclair employee who was just returning–her husband was Natalie Cole’s first cousin. The list of celebrities that she sat among at the services was impressive, indeed. And, I guess you know that Frank Zappa’s original family lived across the street from me in Montclair. I am hoping that the Frank Zappa documentary”Eat that Question” finds its way to the Claremont Laemmle.)

    • davidallen909

      “Being There” made a big impression on me at the time, enough that I read the novel it was based on, but I haven’t seen it since its release.