Column: Azusa to Santa Monica by rail: It can be done


For Friday’s column, I write about traveling the breadth of the Metro rail network, Azusa to Santa Monica, for dinner. It was a long night, but a cheap one. Above, a view of the pavement mentioned in the column, which gives a sense of the effect. Even in the photo, it appears to rise and fall, but it’s flat, really.

Update: Metro’s transportation blog The Source linked to my column with some commentary about the length of my journey compared to NYC rail lines and about (eventual) ways such a trip will be marginally faster. I like the Google map too.

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  • DebB

    So you drove to Azusa, then rode from there to Union Station, walked to the Red Line, rode to Santa Monica, then same thing in reverse. But from the haiku it sounds like you could have gone from Claremont to Union, etc. – is that right? It seems more convenient. Is there a difference in fare or timing or something?

    • davidallen909

      Metrolink goes to Union Station, which is probably what the writer was referring to, but the timing would not have worked out for me as the last train home from Union Station left at 9:46, and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be back there by that point — and wasn’t.

      Hence, I had to plan for that eventuality by driving to Azusa and taking the Gold Line, which operates on a frequent schedule until late at night.

      If I do this again, on a typical weekend day trip, I’m more likely to take Metrolink from Claremont for the comfort, then the Red and Expo lines west. The total cost would be $10, which is more than $3.50 but still inexpensive.

  • SAWZ

    You beat me to it David. I plan to make the trip from Claremont by Metrolink and then on to the connecting light rails. I just found out that I better hurry–Metrolink is considering doing away with the cash machines at the individual station stops. Metrolink sent me a survey which I completed with my objections and was also informed that there is a meeting at the MTA Building next to Union Station on Sept.9, at 10:00 a.m. I wish that they will stop and realize that we old people are not operating in the 21st century on some things and really don’t want to. I do not have and never want to have an expensive I-Phone–I want to keep holding my paper ticket that has a chip which allows me the free transfers. (I still don’t use an ATM machine and will continue to walk into the bank until they lock the doors and shut me out.)