George Chaffey at ONT


Traveling from Ontario International in June, I paused to take a look at the George Chaffey relief sculptures on permanent display in Terminal 4. They were done in 1998 by sculptor John Svenson, who died in April.

With Svenson’s life and work fresh in my mind, and with time before my flight, this was a good opportunity to examine them more closely, and take photos to document them here, a less harried place than an airport, for everyone’s examination and contemplation.

The individual panels, presented in a row (two can be seen above), illustrate aspects of the Ontario and Upland founder’s legacy or accomplishments, followed by an angled view of the main image, to highlight the lizard at Chaffey’s foot, and the artist statement.

Take a look at the sculptures in person next time you’re flying Southwest, and reflect on Chaffey, not to mention Svenson.









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  • Doug Evans

    This is great! I’ve walked past this many times and I’ve even read the plaque but I’ve never taken the time to stop and look at each panel. Geez, that Chaffey guy did a lot. Good job, John Svenson (and David Allen)!

    • davidallen909

      I’ll accept the thanks on his behalf.