Remembering Lord Charley’s


Lord Charley’s (2035 W. Foothill Blvd., Upland, at Central Avenue) operated from 1971 to 1991, followed by another decade as Charley’s Pub and Grill, which closed in 2002. Sunday’s column (Aug. 6, 2016) will be about the restaurant.

Here are some photos courtesy of co-owner Linda Keagle and phone directory ads courtesy of the Ontario Public Library’s Model Colony History Room.


Above and below, two views of the dining room. Linda Keagle says: “The rock fireplace was originally part of the old Matteo’s Italian restaurant. That building was torn down in the ’60s and the second generation of the Matteo family rebuilt the present structure around the old rock fireplace. We took over the location in 1971. The fireplace was open to both the dining room and the bar and was a major part of the ambiance.”


Linda says of the above photo: “This particular table was the ‘family table’ for the Keagles. There were six chairs at the table when we dined there, the two of us and our four young kids. By the way, we were all present when we closed the restaurant in January 2002. Lots of wonderful memories of dinners with our family and our friends.”


The above ad was in the 1972 phone book.


The above ad was from 1980.


The ad above appeared in 1982. The English lord is now going hatless. And he’s eating as well as drinking.


Linda brought a menu to show me, mounted on oak.

Did you ever eat at Lord Charley’s or Charley’s Pub? What do you remember?

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  • Mike from La Verne

    Corn Chowder!!

    • SAWZ

      You bet!

  • SAWZ

    My husband and I ate at Lord Charley’s several times. We had prime rib with Yorkshire Pudding. I did not know what YP was the first time–I expected something, “delectable”. I found out it is just what it is and not even a substitute for bread. I guess it is a Brit thing–my son-in-law is a native Brit (now naturalized American Citizen) but I never heard him or his English mom talk about Yorkshire Pudding. I have some catching up to do.

    • davidallen909

      I had Yorkshire pudding in London and, yes, it’s kind of a souffle of air, not at all what we would think of as pudding.

      • David Stig Hansen

        Although I wasn’t a fan of the Yorkshire pudding, I had my fill as dishwasher there, but the best reward at the end of the night was leftover prime rib. I’d never eaten prime rib before and I was suddenly in heaven.

  • Vicky Miller

    My future husband and I ate there as teenagers on a – for then, for us – very upscale date. We loved the food and atmosphere! Is there anyone out there that wants to recreate something similar?!

  • Sweet Pea

    How cool to see your blog and the great photos! I was a cocktail waitress at Lord Charlie’s in the early 70’s. When I was there, they only hired college kids- the tips were great and it helped pay our tuition. We worked one night during the week and split up the weekends so usually only worked 3 nights/week giving time for school and activities. It was a fun place to work and the food was delicious! I remember bringing trash bags of rib bones home for our dog! Sorry to see it gone.

    • davidallen909

      Glad you found this blog post and had such a good experience at Lord Charley’s.

  • Ralph Alvarez

    I waited Tables at both West Covina (closed that one down in a night of debauchery to remember- think of drunk waiters/waitresses in the rafters singing Rugby songs to all the drunk patrons who came in for the last night) and Upland while i was going to school at the Claremont Colleges. Most memorable moment at Upland (that i can share) is when i spilled Au jus sauce all over Linda K …she was pissed but Chuck was cool about it. This puffy sleeves caught on the chair backrest…..and boom… all over Linda’s nice silk shirt. Goal for each waiter in Friday was having a waiter designated glass of wine (Waiter Wine) situated on each of the 5 tables…so we could enjoy wine with each of our tables while we “worked”. The best things happened after the restaurant closed while hanging out at the bar. Legendary people in both locations- John, Geiger, Sharon, Tony, Don, Art, Terry, the Riddler, Vince, Dave, Bill, Wayne, “Kimba”, Ross, Larry all characters with bigger than life personalities. I guess that why we we stayed as long as we did. Charlie’s delayed most of our entries into adulthood. Best job ever.

    • davidallen909

      You helped bring the place to life with your comment, Ralph. Thanks for chiming in.

  • metta8

    My family used to frequently go to Lord Charlie’s in West Covina. We went to the one in Upland a few times but the one in West Covina was the one we went to most often….often times every other week on the weekends. The food was pretty good. Not as good as my mom’s prime rib and trifle. But it was good.

    I would love to see a few photos of the West Covina location but I have not been able to find any online. I was also looking for photos of the Bahooka Restaurant that was in Covina on one of those streets off Grand Ave near the high school over there.

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  • Michael Steringer

    I got hired at lord Charleys In the summer of 71 before they opened. We did a little painting and a little landscaping. So when they opened I was one of the first dishwashers and on the cleanup crew, eventually promoted to food preparation. Cream spinach ,potatoes ,au gratin, Yorkshire pudding and English trifle. I remember the managers were Mike and Bruce chefs were Bob and Sean. I worked there over a year when I was 16, I quit because I got a teamsters union job when I was 17, but I really loved working at lord Charlie’s and I’ve been cooking ever since for myself, GOOD MEMORIES!!!!!