Column: Oh, fudge! Farrell’s in RC closes shop


Friday’s column may give you an ice cream headache: Farrell’s has left the Inland Valley for the second time. First it was Montclair in the 1980s. Now it’s Rancho Cucamonga this month. Plus: two more items, and a valley vignette. Above, a thwarted diner reads the message Tuesday afternoon about the closing.

If you want to read about the old Farrell’s, I posted about it here.

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  • SAWZ

    The Farrell’s in Montclair was a novelty when my kids were young. We went there for the birhday dinners. On one occasion for my son’s 12th birthday, the young server brought a tall glass of water to our table and immediately, accidentely, knocked it over. The second time he came again with the tall glass of water and immediately, accidentely, knocked it over. The third time, same accident again. We were all laughing so hard we were crying. The “Pig Trough” parade just added to the merriment–never ordered that. (A decade or two ago there was an occurrence in Northern CA where an airplane crashed into a Farrell’s restaurant. My memory escapes as to whether or not there were fatal casualties–I hope not. At least all we had was a little silliness.) Long live the memories–sorry about the decline.

    • Theodore Melendez

      Hence Montclair Plaza Board of Restraunteur’s should take a chance and reive the Farrell’s in the Macaronni Grill spot or go inside the Mall.
      Sorry for the spelling errors. Vote Trump

      • SAWZ

        I think Farrell’s is going to stay in the past, but we do need something in the Macaroni Grill space.

  • SAWZ

    I should have researched before I posted–it happened in Sacramento in 1972–22 people killed. OMG! Their loved ones don’t have such good memories of Farrell’s, I’m sure–and sorry.