Green arches in Pomona


Driving on an unfamiliar stretch of Pomona’s Orange Grove Avenue recently, I spotted this unusual feature on the south side of the street. On the way back, I pulled over for photos. The greenery is at the T-intersection with Casa Vista Drive. There are six arches, as seen above; from across the street, below, only five could be squeezed into one photo. I wonder what the story is on them and how they were formed.


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  • DebB

    These show up on Google maps and on the satellite image. It looks like that is a complex of three or four houses with one driveway. My guess from your photo is that those are cypress trees that have been planted specifically to create that shape (notice the angled trunks), and tied together at the top. Then just kept trimmed over the years to maintain the arch. Pretty cool! I wonder if they deck them out at Christmas time?

    • davidallen909

      That’s a good explanation, Deb. I don’t know tree species so this was a tough post to write! The trees have grown together well and look seamless to the untrained eye.

      • DebB

        Cypress are those tall skinny trees you see in Italian landscapes.