I am most irked by the plastic bag ban. There is a multitude of uses for each bag–they are not single-use and are not flimsy. I loathe litter but think that removing this one type of litter is not going to solve the fact that people don’t care and they should be made to care or punished until they do care. Landfill operators should not be allowed to let waste flow into the ocean. I still have many “single use” plastic bags at home that I will use for my trash and dozens of paper bags that I will now use at the store. What I think is wrong is the action now of charging for bags to replace the banned ones, which in fact have already been paid for by the consumers. The store operators have been given a windfall. They should be altruistic enough to put the funds toward environmental purposes even though the initiative to make them do that failed. Another irk I had was that people did not take the time to be sure what the “yes” and “no” votes meant.

    • Theodore Melendez

      I here you SAWZ. Next up they’ll probably put a device around water fountains and charge you a quarter to drink from a pre determined amount