Congrats to the Claremont City Council–not! (Disclosure up front–I don’t reside in Claremont but it gets a lot of my personal business.) They threw uniqueness and positive public relations out of the window for $1 a year. The prior uniqueness of the depot for transit users (it is–was a depot after-all) was the indoor services available to train riders during the weekday hours–indoor restrooms, train and bus schedules, Foothill Transit employees monitoring the security cameras in the parking lot, and personal bus routing for passengers. Now those unique services are lost to a museum that is only open on weekends! The train passengers can now just hold it or walk two blocks north to the City’s outdoor facilities, if they arrived at the station early enough before the train arrives. For personal services they can go to the Pomona east Metrolink station–even though it is a different line.

    • davidallen909

      I’m glad you pointed all that out, Shirley, as I didn’t feel I had space in the column to divert from the museum to complain about the loss of transit services. In some senses I agree with you, and also lament that the projected Gold Line station is farther east, across College Avenue. It’s like transit itself is passing the depot by.

      On the other hand, the city had long wanted to rent out the depot for a restaurant, which never came to pass, and the bike station in the east end of the depot lasted about six months. So the museum is at least a tenant, the first real tenant since the 1960s, and if it’s a modest attraction then it may be a net plus.

      • SAWZ

        But, wasn’t Foothill Transit a tenant? I know the open portion was a rotunda next to the rest rooms, but it was a very peaceful place to sit. It might seem that I am an art hater, but I am not. I love art–just don’t love them taking the depot for it. Otherwise, I hope it is wonderful for those who didn’t care about the depot.

        I had just taken it for granted that a Gold Line station would be at the same place. I will need to get updated on where it will be.

        There used to be a Depot restaurant in Claremont and it was very good. I can’t place the location in my mind. I’m sure it was an actual depot along the same tracks at one time just like the present art museum.

        • davidallen909

          I knew about the Depot restaurant at one point but can’t recall the details now; nearer to Indian Hill is what comes to mind.

          Gold Line station will be east of College where the Metrolink parking lot is.

          I never formed an attachment to the Foothill Transit operation in the depot because I went in there only once or twice, and as a weekend rider it wasn’t open for me then. I never knew there were restrooms until it was closing and people were complaining about the loss!

          My guess is that FT did pay $1 a year; that’s a standard lease payment from one nonprofit or government agency to another.