Column: His 2,400 CDs get another spin — over 10 years


A few weeks ago I completed a personal project: to play all my compact discs again. It took 10 years. I write about that in Wednesday’s column. Above: half of my collection; another two bookcases stand on the other side of my stereo.

You might wonder after reading this column — you will read it, won’t you? — what happens next. For starters, all the CDs I’ve pulled have been saved atop my bookcases until my project was done. Now I can trade or sell them. Also, playing my CDs again will be something of a lifelong project, I think, in that I will continually have to pull more to trade/sell if I’m going to keep buying new ones, shelf space being finite. But I’m unlikely to start listening to them again from the beginning.

I didn’t have room to get into this either, but there’s the matter of whether some of these CDs that I’m keeping will ever be played again, and if not, was keeping them a futile act? That’s a tough one. What I can say is that since 2006, every CD I own has been played once. Can you say the same about yours?

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  • Eric S.

    I had about 1,000 CDs, but unfortunately all of them where stolen from my car around Christmas time a few years back. Luckily, I had them backed up on iTunes, but I was (and still am) heartbroken to no longer have any of the physical discs.

    Also, this may be the first time I have needed to disagree with you…. no love for Beck?

    • davidallen909

      Some love for Beck: I’m keeping Mellow Gold, Odelay and Guero, ditching Sea Change and the Information. He’s talented, obviously, but I haven’t been willing to follow his many vagaries.

      Suddenly another artist occurred to me who’s on my sacrosanct list: Loudon Wainwright III, all of whose albums I own and none of which I’m willing to part with.

  • SAWZ

    Perhaps if you don’t want to keep the collection, you could donate it to a library or the Grammy Museum. There should be listening rooms where patrons could listen. Music is the slice of life.

    • davidallen909

      It’s only (“only,” he says) 200 CDs I’m selling, not a vast number in the scheme of things. Donating them to a library is a good idea but I’m too greedy. I’ll sell ’em at a store and get credit to spend, thus defraying the cost of my habit.