Column: Glory days of Pomona moviegoing recalled


Pomona has had multiple movie theaters in its history, dating to the silent era. I round up some pertinent facts about each for Wednesday’s column. Above, a view of the State Theater in 1945.

By way of background, I researched and largely wrote this material last spring and summer, unsure if it should be a blog post or column; when the Sunkist Theater background turned up, I focused on that for my column (read it here) and decided to come back to the other theaters on another day, maybe during a vacation or for the holidays. Now, needing a column after a three-day weekend, its time has come.

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  • SAWZ

    I can only recall the “Fox” but it was the place to go on a Friday night when we were young. It had a balcony and special logue seats in the back for smoking (my spouse was a smoker like everyone else in those days). We saw, “The Ten Commandments”, “Mary Poppins”, and “Tora, Tora, Tora,” that I can remember.