White Avenue’s got the beat

To check out the sad state of the Pomona City Stable recently, the 1909 brick building that’s collapsing, I drove down White Avenue, parked along Second Street and strolled down the sidewalk on the east side of White under the railroad overpass for a better look at the structure on the opposite side of the street.

The east side is where I noticed this piece of concrete (below) that’s newer than the original 1960s sidewalk. It’s full of the kind of graffiti that gets drawn into wet cement, with “1982” written in one corner (partly visible in the photo).

The best readable graffiti (seen above): “The Go-Go’s forever.” Now that’s 1982!

Just under that: “I’m too hip.”

The 1909 Stable may or may not survive, but as far as history goes, at least there’s this fun 1982 sidewalk…

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  • Bob House

    “I’m too hip.” (Also, “Too hip, gotta go.”) is/are also period-specific. From Frazer Smith, very funny comic/DJ on the rock stations of the day. He also did alternative commentary for the Rose Parade (mute the TV, turn on the radio), which was reliably amusing.

    • davidallen909

      I didn’t know any of that, so thanks for the explanation!

      • Doug Evans

        Frazer Smith! Haven’t thought about him in years! (Sorry, Frazer, if you’re reading this.) I mostly knew him through TV ads and bumper stickers for KLOS, as I was more of a KROQ kind of kid back in the ’80s, though it’s interesting to read in the following link that he actually got his start on KROQ in its infancy. Here’s a link I found from the San Diego Reader talking a little more about him and his “Too Hip” catch phrase. Well… too hip, gotta go! I’ve never actually said that before and I’ll probably never say it again.


        • davidallen909

          Hey, you can always close one of your Reading Log comments with that phrase — incongruous as it may seem!

        • Bob House

          “The Fraze” is, unbelievably, still on the air at KLOS. Several recorded shows here: