A sippin’ David Allen

Checking Twitter this morning, I had a notification from a man in the Netherlands thanking me for participating in a whiskey tasting, where, as the photo above shows, I was “special guest.” (But of course.)

Evidently Frans Muthert looked for that David Allen on Twitter to get his handle to include in the tweet and didn’t notice he’d found a different, transcontinental fellow. As the guest’s apparent employer, Springbank Whisky (“The official Twitter account of Scotland’s oldest family owned distillery”) replied, “I don’t think ‘our’ David is on Twitter.”

He should sign up. Everyone’s talking about him!

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  • Richard_Pietrasz

    I suppose you are also not a Chemical Engineer who was recently named to the National Academy of Engineering. He spent some years at the same campus as one of the main characters of one of my January books: “Haagy” at Caltech.


    Your name and mine have opposite presences on the web. Lots of David Allens, and only two of Richard Pietrasz, with latter very easy to tell apart with not a lot of effort with a search engine.

    I still have no intention of signing up for Twitter, but I might relent on Facebook.

    • davidallen909

      Don’t do anything rash, ha ha.

      I should have visited the chemical engineer when I was in Austin a few years ago.

      Speaking of other David Allens, there was a famous British TV comic of that name, of whom a woman with a lovely accent the other day reminded me. And there’s a productivity author of my name, best known for “Getting Things Done.”

      My choice of “Getting Started” for my book may not have been wise, search-wise; Google “David Allen Getting Started” and most of the top results are for the other guy’s book.