Column: After 20 years of questions, finally, some answers

Friday marks 20 years for yours truly at the Daily Bulletin (huzzah!), and my column is about the milestone. Rather than reflect on two decades, I did something I’ve considered doing for a slow day for years: I compiled a FAQ about me and my job. Hope you find it of interest, and thanks for reading me for whatever portion of my 20 years you’ve followed by work. Even if it’s just since, say, Wednesday, it’s appreciated.

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  • Don Anderson

    I enjoy reading your columns and even this blog, David Allen. As an employee of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune from 1983 to 1994, I still find newspaper stuff and folks interesting — even this blog.

    I appreciate the way you keep newspaper traditions alive by including typos even here (cf., ” … you’ve followed by work.” above).

    Stay active!

    I, too, went to school with a guy named David Allen, but I am certain he was not you.

    • davidallen909

      You write like a newspaperman, Don — a backhanded compliment in every sentence. But thanks for reading anyway.

      • Don Anderson

        It was all meant to be a compliment, David. I was in Accounting/Finance but during Budget times got to work with the editors. I think my favorites were Bill Bell (Whittier Daily News) and your former workmate Joe Blackstock. I still enjoy reading Joe’s columns as well. Keep up your good work.

        • davidallen909

          Thank you, Don. I’ve heard excellent things about Bill but only knew his son, Mike, and of course Joe is a joy to deal with. You worked with two of the greats. I apologize if I was testy; “even this blog,” used twice, came across poorly, but maybe that’s just me.

  • Bob House

    Congratulations on 20! its been interesting, informative good reading.

    • davidallen909

      Thank you!

  • SAWZ

    When you are speaking to a group in the future and get asked a question, just keep your Q & A sheet handy.