Column: In trip to LA, art and courtesy are on exhibition

I made a foray by public transit to LACMA last week with my two Pilgrim Place traveling companions to see the Picasso-Rivera exhibit, a journey that is recounted in my Sunday column. Above, a group of students pauses for an orientation before entering the exhibit.

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  • DebB

    My niece, who lives in RC, is doing a few weeks of her internship at Children’s Hospital LA and is taking the train/bus. The other day she texted that she was standing on the Gold Line train into LA, because she was the only one in a train-car full of people who would get up and give her seat to an elderly lady.

    • davidallen909

      That’ll teach her. Just kidding; it speaks well of her and poorly of everyone else. Grace and Jacqueline are hardy souls or they wouldn’t be using public transit, and thus aren’t and don’t appear to be infirm, but they still could have used a seat more than many on that bus who didn’t stir themselves.