City of gracious book talks

Photo by Allison Evans

Last Wednesday evening I spoke at the Carnegie Building in Upland for what turned out to be one of my most successful events ever. There were 36 in the audience, according to one friend who counted. After speaking and reading for maybe 20 minutes, I took questions. And questions, and questions. Interesting, amusing, thoughtful questions, for a little more than an hour.

Usually, say at a service club talk, there’s only 20 or 30 minutes for questions, so to have a relatively open-ended discussion was rare. But even at that, no audience has ever had this many questions. There might have been a couple more if the librarian hadn’t wanted to wrap up. Because people seemed so interested, my answers tended to be full and reflective as I talked about books, writing, my journey to Ontario, council meetings and more.

One friend said afterward, “I’ve never seen an audience so engaged.” Thanks to everyone who turned out — including three Upland council members — for being there and being, sincerely, such a great audience. It was lucrative too: I sold 16 books.

Photo by Ann Lara

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  • Ann Lara

    Great talk! Thanks for being there!

    • davidallen909


  • thebreadandtheknife

    You are an engaging speaker, and your stories are detailed, interesting and fun to listen to because of your original sense of humor. I learned a lot about you and am so glad to have been one of the three dozen attendees!

    • davidallen909

      Very kind of you, Bread! (May I call you Bread?)

  • Doug Evans

    Glad the speech went well, and congrats (again) on 20 years!

    • davidallen909

      Thank you!

  • Mary Pineda

    Oh, shoot! I meant to be there but I live alllllll
    the way in Chino (not that it makes any difference, just needed an excuse besides the true reason of I forgot). Of course you were in or will be in Pomona soon. I probably forgot or will forget that, too. But at least I make new friends every day & can hide my own Easter eggs.

    • davidallen909

      And every rerun you watch is new to you. I understand. I’ll be talking to the Pomona Historical Society next Wednesday at 6 p.m., if you can keep that thought in your head for seven days. Public is welcome.