Today’s my birthday: I entered this world 53 years ago today. Last December, walking past a tavern in Pasadena, I saw this motto, figured it worked for me as well and took a selfie.

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  • Bob House

    Many happy returns! Although I don’t see you returning to a place featuring martinis and peppermint sticks.

    • davidallen909

      It was a nice place to visit from the sidewalk.

  • DebB

    Sorry for the belated response, but I hope you had a very happy birthday!

    • davidallen909

      I did, thank you!

  • Richard_Pietrasz

    I have an even more belated response. As your bday is now recognized as an unofficial holiday by nerds like myself, I took your bday as an excuse to listen to the youtube video of Mathematical Pi, sung to the tune of American Pie.

    As I lead you by a few years I could regale you with growing older stories, but birthdays and birth weeks should be fun.

    • davidallen909

      Thanks for the good wishes from a fellow nerd, and for sparing me the horror stories from my future!