Column: In a hole, Pomona golf course closes for now

Palm Lake Golf Course in Pomona, established in 1960, is closed at least temporarily after the operator couldn’t make enough money to pay his bills. The city hopes to find a new operator. I explain the situation and the history in Wednesday’s column. Above, a dispiriting view of the course from the south.

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  • DebB

    Don’t feel too bad about your lack of knowledge about the course. I’ve lived in/near Pomona since 1971, and this is the first I’ve heard about Palm Lake!

    Question that is only slightly related: I once had a friend who was a writer and an avid golfer, and his pet peeve was people using “golf” to say, for example, “Let’s go golfing!” His argument – you wouldn’t say “Let’s go baseballing (or footballing, etc).” Instead, you should (according to him) say “Let’s go play golf!” I don’t remember if he had a problem with a person being a golfer, as opposed to a golf player. Do any of the grammar books say anything about this?

    • davidallen909

      I feel better now about not knowing about the course!

      As for “golfing,” I googled “golfing grammar” and a bunch of sites came up in which people debate the question you raise. There’s no definite answer.

      Some do object to casual use of “golfing” for “golf,” such as “golfing shoes” rather than “golf shoes.” Others point out that “skiing” and “sailing” are acceptable, and that no one says “let’s play bowling.”