The real Hal Linker

Longtime readers of this blog will recall a string of comments a few years back by a fella who gave his name as Hal Linker and referred to his wife as Hadla. There was confusion on my part that he quickly cleared up by saying these weren’t their real names but were taken from a globe-trotting couple with a travel show on SoCal TV in the ’60s and ’70s.

Well, the son of the Linkers emails to tell me more about his parents and their travels:


My wife told me about your blog and postings by “Hal and Hadla Linker.” 

I thought you might be interested in some clarification about the real Hal and Halla Linker (correct spelling, pronounced Hadla). I am their son. My father did die in 1979, as someone mentioned. My mother is still alive and well.
My mother donated the films from our travels to the Smithsonian Human Studies Film Archive, and they periodically release brief clips to YouTube.
As you probably know, our TV show was based in LA, but syndicated in over 40 other US cities, and 11 foreign countries.
We had a vacation home up at Lake Arrowhead, so often drove through the “Inland Empire” on our way there. I also had a Summer internship at a chemical engineering firm there after my freshman year, but I do no recall exactly where it was.
I realize that it is somewhat off topic for your blog, but thought you might be interested in more detail.
Best regards,
David Linker
I was indeed interested and am happy to share this with anyone who remembers the Linkers from TV or is curious about them. This link will explain more about their show and the archive.
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  • Bob House

    Amazing! You win the Internet this week. Have you ever heard from the garrulous imposter again?

    • davidallen909

      Never — unless he’s adopted a new moniker. But his writing style was so distinctive, I’m confident I haven’t. Too bad.

  • Richard_Pietrasz

    I enjoyed the posts from the fake Hal Linker but never knew, or else forgot about, the TV show. I first came to SoCal in 1973. Looking up these shows would be another way to waste time on the internet and interfere with reaching 100 books read this year.

    David Linker’s response is an interesting and welcome one. I presume the ChemE job was in the IE and not up at Arrowhead, but one never knows. ChemE has now made it to this blog twice this year, and likely never before in the x years of its existence.

    • davidallen909

      10 years in September! (If we make it that far.) And don’t do anything to jeopardize hitting 100 books!

    • Robotnik

      “Looking up these shows would be another way to waste time on the internet and interfere with reaching 100 books read this year.” You sound like me.

  • Handlebar Said It

    MY dad used to watch “Wonders of the World” starring the Linker family and was always trying to want me to watch it, which I rarely did. Now, here it is 2017, I’m 71 and who knows what ever happened to the Linker family?

    • Bill

      I stand corrected, it wasn’t Adventures Around the World it was ‘Wonders of the World” I used to watch this show on KCOP channel 13 in Los Angeles in the late 1950’s- early 1960’s. Then it went off the air.

  • LADave

    As a viewer of the Linker’s shows (2 Passports / 3 Passports) in LA in the 70s, I was honored to be asked to not only re-edit much of the original footage into a series of home videos in the late 80s called “Treasures In Travels,” but to go all over Spain with Halla Linker and a small crew to re-shoot updated footage. And if that wasn’t enough, I was using Hal’s original film camera, assisted by Halla’s exposure advice! David – if you read this, please pass along my fond regards to your mother. – Dave Moorman

  • Bill

    I remember this show airing in Los Angeles in the late 1950’s, I believe it was called ‘Adventures Around the World’. this show and Bill Burrud’s Travels and Adventures were highlights of late 1950’s -early 1960’s television, ah the memories!

  • Robotnik

    I watched “Wonders of the World” starting in 1962 when my family moved to Anaheim. I tried to watch every episode. I don’t know when David was born, but I remember he wasn’t on the show, and then, he was on the show. I’m guessing he was born in the late 50s. I loved geography, so their fleshing out of what I had only read of in books, made it all alive. Since then, I didn’t seek travel but, providentially, I’ve traveled the world, and I’ve always remembered the Linkers, and their legacy, and the memories. Their show was sort of like the “Ozzie and Harriet” of travel shows, You don’t see any real family shows anymore. I thank them, and I hope mother and son are doing well.