Can we get an Amen Guy?

Photo by David Thomas at 19th and Carnelian, 2007

He’s sort of a local legend, although his name isn’t widely known. Certainly I don’t know it. He’s the streetcorner evangelist with a van and a megaphone. The Filipino-American has been operating in the Inland Valley for years, probably since the 1990s, often with his wife at his side.

Reader David Thomas saw him most recently last fall. He calls him “the Amen guy…because when we see him holding his religious signs, we’ll give a supportive honk and he’ll reply through the megaphone ‘Amen!'” The man had a 7-foot pole with multiple signs and drives what Thomas called a Jesus van based on its signage.

He saw the Amen Guy at Carnelian and 19th, heard he’s been seen at Haven and Lemon and recalled years ago seeing him at Arrow and Archibald. He asked if the man had ever been profiled in our newspaper, and I said not to my knowledge.

I had tried, in 2003, after a tip that he lived next to a drive-through dairy on Grove Avenue; the operator promised to pass along a message from me, but the man never got in touch. Perhaps he prefers not to have his story out there, or maybe he’s just shy.

I have not seen him in a decade or more, I don’t think, so it was nice to hear he’s still around and shouting. Have any of you seen him? Do you know anything about him?

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  • Richard_Pietrasz

    This may be the man my daughter referred to as Jesus Man when her school commute brought her by 19th and Carnelian from 2006 to 2012. It seems to me the last time I saw him there was within the last several months.

    • davidallen909

      Somebody saw him on that corner this morning!

  • JMac

    Yep he was on 19th and Carnelian bright and early (6:30) this morning as I was headed to the golf course. Since I live in the area I can attest to the length of time he’s been plying his trade. It’s definitely over 10 years. Although I’ve not seen his wife with him for awhile.

    He’s not as vocal either these days. I’m about an eight of a mile away from that corner, and he used to use the bull horn quite frequently to get out his message. Interrupted my reading of your column some mornings.

    • davidallen909

      Another reason to find him annoying. It could be he was told to knock it off with the bullhorn.

      I heard he was at Haven and Foothill this morning around 8. I’ll have to set my alarm and get out to one spot or the other — probably to be rejected for an interview, but we’ll see.

  • SAWZ

    I don’t know if the “amen” people are organized or each in their own little world–The “amen” people are always at entrance to the Rose Float-showing in Pasadena the two days after the Rose Parade. It is the intersection of Sierre Madre and Orange Grove. They have the same signs and the same literature as the RC “amen” man. They are a nuisance, but such annoyance can be alleviated by just walking on, not taking the literature unless you want it, and keeping the mouth shut.