Mural in Montclair enlivens mall

While we await, patiently or not, long-promised upgrades to Montclair Place, the former Montclair Plaza, a colorful mural has gone up on a 145-foot blank concrete wall of the parking deck ramp, visible from the Macy’s lot off Moreno Street.

Claremont artist Chris Trueman led some of his former Chaffey College students, including Peyton Warrick, Jarmaine Pascua and Andrea Hernandez, in painting the mural, which depicts the San Gabriel Mountains.

“We chose to represent one of Montclair’s most distinguishing aspects; the mountain range, which serves as a backdrop and ever present landmark visible from most vantage points in the city, reminding the community of the beautiful place in which we live,” Trueman said in a written statement.

The mural was painted in four days, ending Saturday, and is said to be the start of a year-long series of interior and exterior art installations. It’s off to a strong start.

The above photos were provided by Killackey Media for Montclair Place; I shot the one below on Monday. The bright colors are a welcome sight.

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  • Theodore Melendez

    I was just at the gym around the corner and went into the mall for a bit. I guess I missed the painting lol.I parked on the Macy’s appliance side

    • davidallen909

      Leaving the food truck night Tuesday, I finally saw the old Macaroni Grill renovation. You’ve probably seen the banner by now, but it says Buffalo Wild Wings is coming. (I think you were the one who asked me about the work a week or two back.)

  • SAWZ

    I just saw the mural driving east on Moreno yesterday. I was shocked–it is beautiful! Now if they would just change the awful name–it will always be “Montclair Plaza” to me.

    • davidallen909

      Just like we’ll always be the Prog or Daily Report to some readers.

  • SAWZ

    The Macaroni Grill was a wonderful restaurant. When the “Honchos” get together and start messing with the menus is when the disasters start–I cannot imagine why they wanted to destroy such a good menu by eliminating roasted vegetables and, in the end, having to close the restaurant in Montclair. As for the wild wings–I am wondering if they are adding to the one who is or was on Mountain at Sixth.

    Also, on the restaurant scene, “Honchos” have been doing their best over recent years to kill off Applebees too. If they get rid of the glazed salmon, like they have done with every favorite before, it will start their demise too.

    Olive Garden used to provide “to go” soup and salad in the evenings at the lunch prices. Now it is all dinner prices for “to go” after 4:00 p.m.–soup and salad is $10+ prior to a tip. I don’t know how young families manage such prices in the restaurant.

    By the way, I just learned that Mimis closed in Upland. The “Honchos” did it again–they eliminated the delicious bread loaves and kept only the carrot-raisin bread in little medallions. It was there over 30 years.

    In and Out and Wendy’s (chili) are still excellent and reasonable fast-food options–I hope those eateries never leave.

    • davidallen909

      I heard that about Mimi’s too.

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