Column: Claremont news: quiet zones, home moves and more

In Friday’s column: six items from around Claremont, three Culture Corner items, a plug for this blog and the 60th anniversary of an unusual Pomona election.

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  • SAWZ

    I always wished I could see inside of that house–at least it will be preserved–I hope. What a tragedy for an advisor to kill her/himself–that advisor evidently needed one more than the students.

    When I went to L.A. by Metrolink a few weeks ago I decided to browse the art museum (the one that the Claremont Art Association got to lease for $1 year and kicked the passengers out of the depot restrooms and booted the Foothill Transit Center that provided schedules, personal customer service, and monitoring of the parking lot cameras) while I had a little time before the train arrived. Well, there is an entry fee of $5 to look at the art–I passed it up because I could not browse the whole room in 20 minutes. I think that is what I would call, “insult to injury”. (Seems like people with a train ticket should at least be able to use the rest room–and look at the art too.)

    • davidallen909

      I wonder if they would stop you if you asked to use the restroom, especially as a senior?

      • SAWZ

        I wasn’t a able to see the art without $5, and as we were told, the rest rooms would be available to art customers only. I am not a “pushy” person–not even now as a senior. If I had thought about anything else to say, I might have suggested that they institute a policy allowing people with train tickets to be an art customer while they are waiting for the train.

        (One may not take a seat at Union station without holding a train ticket–I recall waiting there several hours for Amtrak to arrive with my son (that the Amtrak coast train arrives several hours late is standard). I haven’t had the experience of going to Union Station to wait for someone since they instituted the “no ticket-no seat policy”. Maybe I would have to change my usual behavior mode and get a little “pushy”.)