Column: Visiting remade Nixon Library with 2017 on his mind

I’d idly wanted an excuse to visit the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda since its overhaul in October. With all the comparisons of Trump and Nixon the past week or two, a light bulb went off and I decided now was the time. I visited Wednesday morning and write about the experience in Sunday’s unexpected column. Above, Army One, the helicopter that flew Nixon away from the White House on Aug. 9, 1974.

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  • PUNKem733

    I always wondered why a criminal has a library named after him. A guy who created a war on drugs as a farce to get to minorities, and anti war hippies. Over a trillion dollars spent on this farce, and more people then ever are doing drugs.

    Oh well par for the course, we like to consider ourselves the greatest nation, a nation built on stealing a native people’s land, slaughtering most of them, and placing the rest in isolated pockets of what was formerly their land.

    • Richard_Pietrasz

      As best I can figure out, every President did evil deeds. Hunter S Thompson wrote a great obit of Tricky Dick published in Rolling Stone, reprinted in the Atlantic. A comment on the Atlantic repub referred to HST, which brings to mind another President who initiated the Cold War, transitioned the Southeast Asian War into something far worse than what the Japanese did, and along with Stalin did the same thing in Korea. Yet Truman has a “good” reputation.

      I do have some gratitude toward Nixon for reducing the monthly draft to zero a couple months before I turned 18. He did some other good things too.

      I visited the Library once with wife and daughter, but it was closed and we only saw the house and (OC?) chopper from the outside. I suspect we did not miss much. I toured the Reagan library last year. It was a total propaganda blast, but I did enjoy the Oval Office mockup and the Presidential vehicles. I had not appreciated before that a 707 was small for a jet airliner. But as my HS physics teacher noted, it had a great number, as the square root of one half is 0.707…