Column: Gift shop items show Rose Bowl in Pomona

Sunday’s column begins with a silly item based on objects seen in the Museum of Neon Art gift shop. (Above is the towel; the column shows the almost-identical tablecloth.) Then comes a follow-up about Acquanetta Warren, some Culture Corner items and a Valley Vignette.

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  • DebB

    Nothing to do with anything, but did you hear that Costco is testing “Shake Shack” burgers in its cafes? Corona, Pacoima, Lakewood are the three around here.

    • davidallen909


  • Doug Evans

    I have a pillow like this… map of California, same style artwork, same handwriting… but I checked and it’s a different picture. They got Pasadena, Pomona, Fullerton, Santa Ana and LA, all in a circle and all in more or less the right place, and in the middle a big orange tree. Better than freeways, I guess.

    • davidallen909

      Here we go ’round the orange tree, the orange tree, the orange tree…