Top Hat Liquor, Pomona

This liquor store in Pomona (565 Dudley Ave.) could really use a paint job, but the angled roofline, high-society name and neon sign still have flair. As Charles Phoenix describes it in “Cruising the Pomona Valley: 1930 Thru 1970”: “This stylish modern liquor store is dressed in formal attire with its original neon sign.” The store was built in 1959.

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  • DebB

    1973: I was a junior at Cal Poly, living in my first apartment with two roommates. On my 21st birthday I went to Top Hat to buy liquor. I’m not sure I really wanted liquor, I just wanted to buy some legally. And the man at the counter didn’t even ask for my ID! I was so disappointed!

    • davidallen909

      Gee, what a spoilsport.

  • Paul Ochsner

    I believe there was, and perhaps still is, a Top Hat liquor in Glendora, in the shopping center at Grand and the 210 freeway. The center has been there since at least the mid 50s. Mayflower market was the anchor grocery store at one time.