Column: How was his Ford F-150 rental? Bro-tastic

I’m hoping to write a fuller column on my vacation, but jumping ahead of that in line was the story of what happened to me when I got home. Namely, I’d somehow lost my house and car keys. I managed to rent a vehicle, and the only one available was kind of comical — but perfect for a humor columnist. I write about the experience in Wednesday’s column. Above, shot by Rick Sforza, I’m dwarfed by my temporary ride.

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  • Theodore Melendez

    I think I got lucky too, in a way. I got in a car accident and they had to paint it and the body shop wanted to pay for a rental and ended up, giving me a Chevy Camaro V6. At Enterprise Chino Hills. When your in a race car the tendency to race is there, but the old man in me was knocking in my brain for some reason. To drive a race car 20 mph just because. It’s quite the upgrage from my regular car Madza 3 hatchback and Camaro’s have very tiny backseats, if were gonna discuss patriculars But sometimes you get lucky in life and might as well go with it! Some grammar mistakes but oh well

    • davidallen909

      I could’ve made a column out of having a sports car, because that’s as unlike me as the giant pickup. And I wouldn’t have driven it fast either. It’s a rental, you don’t want to risk damaging it, right? But you might still have had more fun with it than I had with the truck.

      • John Clifford

        But the sports car wouldn’t have been as good as the truck. The visuals are just great. 🙂

  • DebB

    Sorry about your predicament, but loved your hilarious story about it! A friend told me the other day that when something negative happens, as long as it has a happy ending we tend to look at it with humor, as an adventure (not a tragedy). And you certainly did!

    • davidallen909

      I knew as I was driving off the lot in that beast that a column could result!

  • Carngo

    Yes, the F-150 is a miracle machine. Happy for you