Daily Bulletin on Vacation

Photo by Naomi Kresge

Here I am at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate holding a Daily Bulletin and wearing a Pomona shirt. Represent! I was there early enough, 8 a.m., to get a depopulated view of the plaza. Tourists were just starting to arrive.

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  • Bob House

    Any shout-outs for Pomona while sporting the shirt? Will there be a food review of the vacation?

    • davidallen909

      No and yes!

  • http://www.copenhagenize.com/search/label/erik%20griswold Erik Griswold

    If you had been at that spot 30 years earlier…well, I doubt they would have shot you, but it wouldn’t have been very pleasant.

    • davidallen909

      I prefer to be shot by cameras only, which also isn’t that pleasant, but far better than the type of unpleasantness to which you refer!

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  • Richard_Pietrasz

    If you had shown the edition and page with the Kori Carter headline shown in your Grizzlies tweet, and a number of locals saw it, some of them might have known more about her than you. US track stars get recognized in Europe, and while Carter is not a really big star, she won the World Championship for 400m hurdles a few days before in London. Carter was a huge star at Claremont High. Brenda Martinez of Northtown and R Cucamonga High ran well, but was outclassed and did not make the final.