Column: An inexperienced traveler finds his way around Berlin, Prague

I don’t know how you stood the suspense, but Wednesday’s column, following up on last Wednesday’s, gives you the outline of my vacation to Europe, as well as explaining why this was a big deal for yours truly. Whether you’ve traveled more or less than I have, I hope you like it.

Above, a view of Lutherhaus, the former monastery in Wittenberg, Germany, where religious reformer Martin Luther and his wife lived.

In the next week or two, I hope to write a column on the foods and culture; It’s partly written but was set it aside in midstream for an overall column on the trip and its meaning first. Unless there’s a sense I’m running the topic into the ground, I may write one on Dresden, after I finish reading “Slaughterhouse-Five.”

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  • dadwheels

    We did a similar trip a year ago…a week in Berlin, two days in Prague, and then another week in Munich…great fun. Prague was extremely crowded but the locals were a very friendly bunch, which is amazing when you see the amount of tourists they have to deal with.