Column: Jerry Lewis piloted ‘The Family Jewels’ through ONT

Thanks to a reader, I learned that Jerry Lewis filmed scenes for one of his films in Ontario. That item is followed by a recap of comments on my Facebook page about where and how people learned of Elvis’ death, and a nugget about the heat, all in Sunday’s column. Happy Labor Day weekend!

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  • DebB

    Labor Day – I just turned on the TV and what is playing but “The Family Jewels”! It’s on KCOPDT3, which I think must be a digital channel but I’m getting it on my cable. I didn’t watch the whole thing, but just as I turned it on they were showing the Ontario Airport scenes, and I definitely recognized the old brick buildings and the area where you walked out to board the plane. There were some aerial shots in which you could see the ground below, but I don’t know if that was actually around Ontario or not.

    • davidallen909

      Wow, what a coincidence!